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Senior Preparatory - Term 2 2018

From the Principal of the Senior Prep

Brendan Quinn Principal

T he arrival of the ‘information age’, a context with which we have all become so familiar, was seemingly rapid, driven swiftly from traditional industry to a digital economy based on overwhelming access to information through technology. The opportunities within an educational context are, and have been, vast to say the least; the challenges numerous – often overwhelmingly so. Professional development and the adaptation of teaching delivery and methodology geared to suit a generation which presents itself are a complex contrast to those of previous years. It is within this context that our teachers continue to strive to remain up to date with all developments related to education in the competitive environment within which we exist. ‘Future proofing’ our young pupils through an innovative yet holistic curriculum aligned to international best practice and aimed at creating inspirational young leaders, needs to be at the forefront of any educational institution wishing to remain relevant in today’s age.

the demands on contemporary children for maturity, for participating in competitive sports, for early academic achievement, and for protecting themselves against adults who might do them harm. While children might be able to cope with any one of these demands taken singly, taken together they often exceed children’s adaptive capacity.” As we celebrate the awesomeness of achievement and success, let us all remember that, whether we like it or not, the focus should surely be on balance. As one of my favourite psychologist-authors, Nigel Latta, reminds us: “What’s the hardest thing about being a parent? It isn’t the sleepless nights, or the endless fights. It isn’t the constant worrying about every last little thing, or the constant pestering about every last little thing. It isn’t the impact on your work life, your love life, or your social life. It isn’t the lack of money, the lack of time, or even the lack of anything approaching a life of your own. It feels like it’s all of those things, but it’s none of them.

In fact, to be ‘relevant’ is often close to the top of the list of the many desires inherent among pupils. In a world filled with virtual gratification, the experiences of authenticity and relevance should be the priority of all educationalists, over and above the wonder of making use of technological enhancements within the context of scholastic experiences. There is still a fundamental yearning for young people to exist with relevance, free of the anxiety of living up to the expectations of others, where they are free to operate within their own world, where they are genuinely ‘taken seriously’, all within a predictable environment with the security of firm yet fair boundaries governing their existence. We hope, in the Senior Prep, that we constantly strive to deliver this sort of balanced approach that allows pupils to continue along the road of adventurous self-discovery. American child psychologist, David Elkind, explains that the “…shift from the perception of the child as innocent to the perception of the child as competent has greatly increased


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