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10-year Reunion Dinner Celebrating the Class of 2008

Saturday 7 July saw the 2008 matric year group get together for their ten-year reunion at Jonny’s at the Dainfern Valley Centre. Twenty-seven alumni joined us on the night – our biggest reunion

group yet! The venue was abuzz with young people sharing their stories with old classmates. The food was wonderful, the slideshow and gifts much appreciated but most of all it was

so incredible to see what our students are up to, ten years after leaving school. Thank you for giving us reason to celebrate!

A message for Dainfern College from a member of the Class of 2006 "It really is not until one truly 'comes of age' and into a space of living and walking with purpose that one realises what a privilege and honour it was to attend Dainfern College. "For some of us 'late bloomers' (in terms of truly finding one's authentic self and purpose) - like myself - such realisations only happened years after I had left school; nonetheless, one thing remains, and that is that Dainfern College played an integral role in the process of shaping who I have become, and am still becoming. For this I will forever be grateful because truly living and working towards a purpose is something that no words can describe. "The work you guys do is really remarkable: just know that even if it was taken for granted at the time, the many lessons and values learnt were not wasted. I speak for myself here, but I know there are many alumni who share the same views."

96 Broadacres Dr, Dainfern, Johannesburg, South Africa

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